Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring Break

Last week was spring break for the Batesville School District, and that means no school. My spring break was pretty boring but it was not bad.

The thrill of my spring break was staying over at my friend Stacy's house. While I was there, we played the Wii, and we played basketball outside. Stacy's little sister was really funny and kept us entertained throughout the night.

I earned some needed Beta Club hours over spring break as well. The hog bar-b-Que was going on, and members of the key club were there to help. We did not cook the food though; we packed it so that other people could eat it. When I was finished working, I got a chance to try the bar-b-Que, and it was extremely tasty.

Practice! Practice! Practice! Softball practice was very exciting over spring break, although that may be because my break was boring and softball practice was something to do. I love to play softball, even though I am not the best player. We worked on batting all practice one day, and the other practice we worked on fielding.

Some people may say that learning how to crochet is boring and for old people, but I really like it. My Mimi taught me how to crochet over spring break, and we also celebrated my grandpa and my other grandma's birthday. Learning to crochet was very fun, but I am not very good at it.

All in all, my spring break was not full of much excitement. Though it lacked the excitement, it was a much needed break from school that I needed.

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