Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Giver Book Review

Living in a world with no memories of life before your time may sound awful, but the characters in The Giver do not have any problem with it. They actually enjoy not having any of the old memories. The Giver is an interesting book, and I really enjoyed reading it.

Many lessons can be learned by reading The Giver. One important lesson in The Giver is that things are not always as they seem. Jonas, the main character, learns that the life he has been living has not always been that way. He learns that color and music exists. Jonas learns that just because he thinks someone is telling him the truth does not mean he actually is. Jonas has grown up in a community were expressing feelings happens at the end of each day. He learns that some of the feelings he thought he had are actually completely different. Another lesson learned in The Giver is that memories are important. The community lives without memories of time past their own, with the exception of one. Jonas starts to receive memories from the past, and he realizes that even though some of them are bad the community needs to know them. He discovers how much knowledge can be learned through memories, and he knows all of the good that used to be.

The characters live their lives day by day performing the same routines everyday. In the mornings the family units tell of their dreams, and then they head off to work or school. After school, all of the children of a certain age do service at jobs they might enjoy. When everyone gets home at night, the family unit tells each of their feelings from the day while eating supper. The people of the community do not have very exciting lifestyles, and they have many rules that need to be followed.

The Giver was a very good book. I would recommend The Giver to anyone. The book is very interesting, and it will keep you wanting more every time you set it down.

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