Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Animal Farm Book Review

In George Orwell's Animal Farm ten commandments become one terrible saying, " All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others." Animal Farm is a good novel and I enjoyed reading it.

The characters in Animal Farm are very realistic. Even though they are animals, they act like humans. The animals plow the fields and plant the grain each season just as a human would. The animals start learning to read and write, and they build a windmill. Most of the animals are very hard workers just like humans. Other than the work, the animals also have conversations and carry out business. They talk about work and about their leader mostly. The pigs in Animal Farm are very lazy and do not work at all. They are supposed to be in control of all the business transactions and running the farm, but all they do is sit around all day and eat and sleep.

All of the animal in Animal Farm are supposed to be created equal, but they really are not. The pigs take control and work the other animals almost to death. The animals work so hard each day for only a tiny ration of food, while the pigs sit around and eat all day long. The pigs claim to need more food because they are in charge, and the extra nourishment helps them make better decisions. The only reason Animal Farm ever came into being was so the animals could live equally, but some start to think that maybe they were better off before the pigs were in charge.

I would recommend Animal Farm to anyone who likes books that have animals as the main characters. If you do not like animal books, you should probably stay away from Animal Farm.

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