Thursday, November 18, 2010

Selfishness is a serious matter

Selfishness is a Serious Matter
Journal Entry: November 18, 2010
Katelyn Hardin

Selfishness is a Serious Matter

Revenge, lust, betrayal, all things Arthur Miller portrays in "The Crucible" through agonizing deaths resulting from terrible lies told by one sniveling, selfish child! Why does one always feel the need to lie for his own good? Why? Because he is uncomfortable in his own skin? Because he wants all eyes on himself?

Selfishness is a huge problem in the world of today, yesterday, and, more than likely, tomorrow as well. Selfishness results in blindness; blindness to love, blindness to hate, blindness to friendship, joy, happiness, even blindness to selfishness. Pain, suffering, heartache, only a few of the many harms selfishness inflicts upon its victims.

When one is selfish, he doesn't have many friends, no one wants to be around him, so therefore, he is harming not only others, but himself as well. Why inflict harm on yourself, much less others, when all one has to do is give a little here and give a little there?

Don't do things out of selfishness, especially because of lust and revenge! Selfishness can cause serious damage, especially if taken too far, which most tend to do. One needs to take others' emotions into thought before acting out of selfishness. More harm can, and WILL be done if one only thinks of himself.

Miller, Arthur. Arthur Miller's The Crucible. New York: Bloom's Literary Criticism, 2008. Print.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

thINK asignment

Stand Strong Through all that Comes Your Way
Journal Entry: November 9, 2010
Katelyn Hardin

Stand Strong Through all that Comes Your Way

Gossage, in his detailed imagery of "the pond," portrays the beauty and complex features of such a simplistic photograph.

The pond, seemingly so unruly and uncared for by anyone, has beauty beyond measure. The photograph comes across, if looked at closely, as very calm and elegant. The trees, they seem to flow to and fro with one another as if they were a team who, rather disorganized, works together very carefully and lovingly as one whole.

As the darkness falls upon the trees, all their leaves gone, and color faded away, they still stand tall and strong. The trees, their branches thrown around like a wacky hair style, are determined to remain calm and relaxed as a ball team who does not want to be too cocky so they do not wind of losing the game. The team, the trees, after losing their final game in the playoffs, overwhelmed by sadness, still has the ability to hold strong, their heads held high and bodies strong.

This photograph proves that, even in times of darkness and worry, one can still stand tall and strong, for there are surely better days to come. The trees, though living in a dark, colorless world, surrounding the serene pond, may be troubled, but they are still standing tall and strong. One should take the lesson from these trees to never give up and to stand strong through all hardships and tribulations.

Gossage, John. "Exhibitions: John Gossage: The Pond." American Art. Web. 11 Nov. 2010. .