Wednesday, December 1, 2010

thINK #3

Harsh Times are Sure to Come, Stand Strong
Journal Entry: December 2, 2010
Katelyn Hardin

Harsh Times are Sure to Come, Stand Strong

Wallace Stevens, through diction, and especially imagery, in his poem "The Snowman," reveals beauty in the harshest of conditions, and man's ability to withstand and survive all his trials and errors and continue towering above all else. One must dive into life with an open mind to be able to conquer his own tribulations. By looking at what is ahead, and not dwelling on the past, one can achieve whatever he wishes.

One may have to endure scrutinizing, agonizing, torturous situations, but in the end, he will see the "distant glitter" that is awaiting him. Open mindedness is important in these crucial tribulations. Without an open mind, one could become consumed in the present, and begin to think that the future doesn't exist anymore. With an open mind, one can configure a way to triumph over his hardships and move on with no worries, and leave the past in the past.

Endurance and strength seem to be two major trials that one must overcome while working through his other personal battles as well. One may find that rather difficult, but if he can withstand, good will arise. Like a snowman in the blistering winds of early January, if one can find the will to make himself immovable, but not unloving or uncaring, by all outside sources minus himself, if he can withstand all the painstaking times thrown at him like the long, rough coldness a snowman encounters, then he will surely come out on top.

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