Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Softball Is Over

The dreaded day has finally arrived; softball season is over! I really have been dreading the end of this season and hoping that it would not come to soon. The season seems to have flown by way too fast, and I wish we were still playing.

This softball season was so much better than last year. Practices and games this year were way more exciting, and way more fun. We made jokes and learned a lot of new drills. The drills we learned this year helped us improve our game and work better as a team.

We had new coaches this year too! Coach Coker and Coach McDonald are awesome coaches. They both helped teach us many new techniques that helped us play better. They made sure that everyone knew what to do, and helped anyone that needed helped. If someone wanted some extra fielding or batting practice, Coach would make sure to help them. While at practice, and before some games as well, both coaches would make jokes to make practice more enjoyable.

I am going to miss softball so much, and the seniors that are leaving this year are going to be missed as well. I have to say that even though we did not make playoffs, we had an amazing season and played our hearts out.

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