Saturday, April 4, 2009

Book Review The Missing Book 1 Found

Imagine being an important person in history and not knowing about it because you were stolen by time travelers. Well, in book one of The Missing thirty-five children experience this exact fate. The Missing's first book Found is an exciting book, and I really enjoyed reading it.

Unknowingly thirty-five children are living in the wrong century. They live a normal life everyday, and they are all thirteen years old. The children have families and friends who love them, and they do not know they are not from the decade they are living in. One day two of the children start receiving mysterious letters with no return address. When they find out other kids have been receiving the same letters, the two friends become frightened. They meet up with a woman named Angela who explains to them some of the weird things that are going on. While talking with Angela, the friends are witnesses to a drastic event that almost cost them their lives. When the kids finally figure out everything that is going on, it is too late. All of the thirty-five kids, with the exception of one, were led into what could be their doom.

An important theme in Found is leadership. When the letters first begin to arrive, one boy named Chip takes control to find out what is going on. He did not know that he was adopted, and know that he does, he wants to find his real birth parents and know what is happening with the anonymous letters. He calls a list of names to see if any other kids have received the letters too. He also asks them if they were adopted and if they know anything about the letters. Chip conquered a lot of obstacles to get were he was going, and he used his leadership abilities to do it. Later on in the book, Jonah, Chips friend, takes control of a somewhat hostile situation. Jonah demands to know why the future people want to take them away, and he gets his wish fulfilled. He ties up all the adults so that the other kids could talk with them and question them. Jonah used his leadership abilities to save the lives of thirty-five children.

Mysterious people from the future, oblivious children from the future, and time travel make for an exciting book that is very hard to set aside. I would recommend Found to anyone who has read the Shadow Children series, and even if you have not, Found is still a very good book.

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