Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Book Review Premonitions

Imagine seeing clips in your head about the future but not knowing when and where the actions are going to take place. In Jude Watson's Premonitions the main character Gracie sees things before they happen. Premonitions is an exciting and mysterious story that I really enjoyed reading.

When Gracie's mom died she moved in with her aunt Shay and cousin Diego. When she moved in, Gracie found a new friend named Emily. One day when it was excruciatingly hot outside, Emily wanted to go to town and get ice cream and Gracie did not want to. Gracie was being mean to Emily that day, and caused her to leave. That night, Shay received a call from Emily's mom who told her that Emily was missing. Shay awoke Gracie and they went over to Emily's house so that they could talk with her mom. A few days later, Gracie started getting weird visions of Emily but she did not know what they meant. Gracie spent everyday trying to find Emily and trying to see visions of her. Gracie had many suspects in her head about who she thought had kidnapped Emily, and almost all of them were wrong. Gracie does find Emily, but gets herself into trouble in the process.

Premonitions teaches that all people should be careful what they say to their friends. Just because you are mad about something does not mean you should push your anger onto someone else. The person you are talking to may take you too literally and may take what you are saying personally even if you really do not mean what you are saying. Gracie upset Emily so bad that Emily had to find somewhere she thought she would be loved. Gracie did love Emily; she was just taking out all of her anger on Emily. So be careful what you say and who you say it to, or you might find yourself in a bit of trouble.

I would recommend Premonitions to anyone who likes reading suspenseful books. I would recommend the book to both boy and girls.

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