Monday, April 20, 2009

My Favorite Techie Tool

Do you have a favorite techie tool that helps you with your work? Most people enjoy how easy it is to use Microsoft office, but there are other tools out there. Calculators, cell phones, and even e-mail are very well known tools that people use on a day to day basis.

My favorite techie tool would have to be e-mail. With e-mail I can stay connected with my friends no matter where they are at. Sending letters by e-mail is much faster than by snail mail, so my friends receive my messages sooner.

Besides staying in touch with my friends, e-mail also helps if I need help with a school assignment. If I forget what my homework is, I can e-mail my teacher and they can send me the assignment. Sometimes I have trouble doing my homework, and with e-mail I can quickly contact someone that can help me.

E-mail is a very resourceful tool, and anyone with internet can use it. E-mail can be used for multiple reasons and it is very easy. For you environmentalists, e-mail also helps conserve trees.

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