Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Hero


Swoosh! Ruff! Slash! Who could it be? Issabella and her companion Browny are coming to save the day. Issabella has many powers, including the power to skate at lightning speed. She has the ability to make take a trip to Jupitor and back without anyone realizing she was ever gone. Issabella has a soft spot for animals. If she notices that an animal is in distress or being injured, Issabella will come to the rescue and save the poor creature no matter what. Issabella will then take the animal to someone that will love the creature forever. Issabella is the best archer in the world. Any target put in front of her, no matter what the distance, she can hit. Issabella is loved by her public, and with her super powers she can keep the town safe and happy.

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