Thursday, September 18, 2008

Letter to the Next Presiden

The upcoming presidential election is going to be a tough decision for the American people, and Barack Obama is the candidate of choice for many people.

I recently read on Obama's web page that he thinks that all people should have the right to affordable health care, and I agree 100%. No human being should be denied affordable health care just because they cannot pay the costs straight forward. I also agree with Obama on his thoughts about ending the war in Iraq. He wants to withdraw one to two brigades a month so our armed forces can return home quickly.

I may agree with Barack Obama about health care and the war, but his ideas about taxes I do not. Obama wants to get rid of all the tax cuts that President Bush and President Reagan have established, and raise the taxes. Barack Obama does not need to do this because the American family will not be able to afford to feed their selves.

If Barack Obama wins the presidential election, and carries out his ideas on health care and the war, he will be a valuable attribute to the United States economy, and he will be a good president. On the other hand, if Obama carries out his ideas about taxes, he could lower the value of the American dollar and the United States economy. I hope that the best, most experienced candidate wins.

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