Monday, September 20, 2010

thINK assignment: Journey Through Life

Journey Through Life

Journal Entry: September 23, 2010

Katelyn Hardin

Journey Through Life

Life, long lasting, yet so short; full of sadness, yet extremely invigorating; through trial and error, fights, rough times and good times, life goes on. Never give up hope! Never lose the will to live! The journey through life is a rough one, but of all journeys, it is the one worth it all. All eyes, at some point during life, will be open to the beauty, the wonder, the smallest details of the world around them.

The fisherman, having reeled in an old, rough, tough, war veteran began realizing the details of the world around him. The fish, full of old fishing line, "like medals with their ribbons frayed and wavering," "didn't fight" at all. He hung there. Seeing his life finally coming to an end, the fish gave up hope, but the fisherman, he didn't. His eyes, after seeing the poor, helpless fish "breathing in the terrible oxygen," his face "sullen," were opened to the not so simplicit world around him. He admired everything, his boat, his catch, until all he saw was "rainbow, rainbow, rainbow."

He aparently felt remorse for the helpless fish, for he let it go. The fish had been through so much, and possibly, in a way, it reflected the life of the fisherman.

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