Thursday, November 5, 2009

President Obama Deserving of Nobel Peace Prize?

"Congratulations! You really deserve this prize!" These are a couple responses that President Obama probably heard when he was excepting the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009. But did Obama truly deserve such an amazing honor? No. He was awarded the prize for what he said he might do. How does anyone know he will actually do what he says? President Bush wanted to make the world more peaceful, but he wound up making the fighting worse. Who says that President Obama won't do the same?

Our new president was nominated for the Nobel Prize after a mere four weeks in office. After only four weeks in office, President Obama's goals as president weren't even clear to himself much less anyone else. He was still new in office, and like a bully in a new school he didn't know who to pick on yet. How could he have won over anyone with plans that were not set in stone?

Before he was even elected as president, Obama said that he wanted to end the ongoing war overseas. All he has done so far is make the war worse. He hasn't pulled the American troops out of Iraq or Afghanistan like he said he would; actually, he has actually escalated the number of troops. President Obama says he wants to send even more troops overseas. How does he think he is going to bring peace by sending more men and women away from their families? As far as doing anything to bring about peace, and deserve the peace prize, President Obama hasn't done a thing.

For many years the people who have won the Nobel Peace Prize have strived their whole lives to make the world a more peaceful place to live. They are the ones who have actually helped people out, face to face, and maybe even been the ones needing help from time to time. Those people have fought their whole lives against abuse, war, hatred, hunger.

So why did President Obama truly get nominated for the Peace Prize? Maybe he received the award as motivation, so he wouldn't destroy the country. Maybe someone thought the honor might actually make our president follow through with what he says he will do.

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