Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reflection of My Sophomore Year

When my sophomore year first started, I thought that it would never come to an end. Each day drug on and on without end. I had trouble in most of my classes, and to be completely honest I did not like all of my teachers.

As the year continued on, my thoughts about being a sophomore changed. I started to enjoy some of my classes and some of my teachers. The other students in my class helped make each day more enjoyable and fun. Jokes were made everyday that resulted in the sudden outburst of the whole class. The class work became easier as the year continued. Though the class work became easier the days still continued to go on and on forever.

I may not have enjoyed my classes, but I had a great job participating in all of my club activities. I helped out the Key Club with the canned food drive and the Hog Barbecue. Along with the services in Key Club I was also elected as next year's secretary for the club. I became the Sophomore Representative in the Drama club and had a blast. When the homecoming pep rally came to town, I was a part of the Earth Club's float for the parade. I also enjoyed being a member of the Beta, Christian, and Spanish Clubs.

Softball season was my favorite part of being a sophomore. I had so much fun practicing after school each day and traveling to the ball games as well. The softball team may not have won, but we played hard in every game and made it pretty far. The new freshman on the team were really amazing. Two of them made the varsity team from day one. I loved playing softball this year, and I am going to continue playing for as long as I possibly can.

The school play Oklahoma was very fun to participate in. I did not have a major role in the play, but I had so much fun learning my part and singing and dancing. The cast of Oklahoma practiced and prepared for over three months. Mr. Williams, the director, was amazing and helped us learn our parts easily.

I also attended the homecoming dance. I had so much fun going to find my dress. When I got to the dance I talked to my friends and listened to the music. I did not dance, but I still had fun.

My sophomore year was pretty good. I found that most days were boring, and that the homework and classwork was hard, but I still had fun. I enjoyed all the activities I did this year, and I would do them again in a heartbeat.

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