Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Host Book Review

Aliens are taking over the world! The human species is on the brink of extinction! Within Stephanie Myers The Host Aliens, souls, are taking over the earth. The Host is an amazing novel, and is probably the best book I have ever read.

The souls taking over the earth are not hostile, they actually just want to make the earth more peaceful. The souls view humans as a violent and vicious race, and they want to stop the fighting and anger. Do you think the human race is violent and needs to be changed? Would you fight back knowing that your body was being taken over?

The Host contains many themes, one of them being that just because someone is different does not mean he or she is evil. People all over this world make assumptions about others just off of differences. If those people could get to know the other person then they might possibly change their mind about him or her. Everyone on this planet is different, and judging someone because they are not like you is not fair. Melanie Stryder's body gets taken over by a soul named Wanderer. Normally the human mind would disappear when the body is taken over, but Melanie does not leave. Melanie shows Wanderer all of the cherished memories of the ones she loves. Melanie knows that her brother and boyfriend are still out in the world and she begins to lead Wanderer to where she thinks they are. Melanie unknowingly leads Wanderer to a cave housing over twenty humans. The humans are disgusted by Wanderer because they think she is just another soul, and they do not know about Melanie. After living with Wanderer for a while the humans discover that she is not so terrible. They begin speaking with her just as she was another one of them.

The characters within The Host are very realistic. Wanderer does not care about her own well being, but about the well being of others. Wanderer stood up for a man who wanted her dead because she did not want him to be harmed. Wanderer is not violent, but she is full of real life emotions. She feels anger, jealousy, fear, and even love. Melanie is full of realistic emotions. She becomes jealous very easily. When Wanderer is holding Jamie or Jared in her arms Melanie becomes full of jealousy. Melanie becomes angry when she cannot speak to anyone herself. Melanie and Wanderer are not the only realistic characters in The Host though. Almost every single character can be related back to a real person. They all show anger, fear, hatred, worry, love, and concern.

The Host is an amazing book that I would recommend to any girl. Boys probably would not like The Host, but girls probably would.

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