Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Call of the Wild Book Review

In Jack London's The Call of the Wild a simple house dog is transformed into a tough, strong sled dog. The book was very insightful and held my interest with ease.

The Call of the Wild was written based on personal experience. Jack London's writing put the reader in the story. He kept the reader entertained through adventures and real life happenings. The book held no confusion and was easy to focus on.

Survival of the fittest is the main theme of The Call of the Wild. Have you ever taken a stand to survive? Not so easy huh? Survival of the fittest is tough for almost anyone and anything. There can be both negative and positive consequences from surviving in the wild, and Buck, the main character of The Call of the Wild, experiences both. Buck goes through many hardships and endures many lessons so he can survive in the wild.

Everyone in the world has instincts, but sometimes the instincts are hidden deep within. The hidden instincts will be revealed when the time is right. Buck never had to rely on his instincts until he became a sled dog. After weeks pulling a sled, Buck's instincts completely took over his mind and body. He no longer had to worry about starving or surviving. Through instinct, Buck established his rightful place in the world.

I would recommend The Call of the Wild to anyone. The adventures are very thrilling, and there are many surprises along the way.

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